LumiereWork has worked with hundreds of executives who need to find a new level of competency, passion and/or plan for organizational, personal, leadership or succession challenges.

This is our most personal and private way of accessing your new level of inspired brilliance. Structured like 1:1 executive coaching sessions, you will work directly with the CEO of LumiereWork and have a totally custom plan to guide and support you directly to your core desire.

We help break teams out-of-the-box that find new inspiration to meet your established objectives. We partner with leadership to thoroughly determine your team’s core desire and map that to your strategic business objectives.

Every program we do is customized - but deeply rooted in our proprietary methodology – and is designed to create a new level of brilliance for your team. Your organization will be left inspired and with an entirely new, profound skill set that will create a foundation for a different way of working together.

We collaborate with the executive team to innovate new programs that will ultimately help propel your strategic business plan. These programs can be done on-site or in a completely different, curated environment.

Our broadest, most custom of our offerings. We work closely with you to build amazingly tailored programs ranging from on-site workshops to out-of-this-world creative programs like an offsite circus! No matter how innovative we may get, we never lose sight of your business objectives and ensure your entire team is ready to tackle them.





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