A Brief History of the Study of Energy

In our last blog post, we talked about Archetypal Blueprint™ types that are defined by the kind energy that flows through all of us. We all have the instinctive ability to “read” the energy of another person’s Archetypal Blueprint™ types and make unconscious judgments based on that read. But what exactly is this energy? And how can this knowledge be properly harnessed in the workplace? To find out, we need a history lesson on the study of energy!

In ancient India, “Prana” was considered a universal energy which exists in everything in the world. Prana can be translated as breath of life. The ancient Chinese used the word "chi" to describe the energy. Now what's interesting about the Chinese version of energy is that it has polarity to it, a yin and a yang. Around 538 B.C., the Kabbalah called energy “Astral Light”. These Jewish scholars began noting light around bodies and objects. Artists continued that tradition by painting halos of light around people considered holy.

Around the 12th century, scientists found that each person’s energy impacted others. They noticed that before you could see or hear somebody, you could sense them, even whether you were going to like them or not. That was really the first study of the effect of the impact of energy on from one person to another. If you're in a dark alley, you can sense something is coming towards you before you see it or hear it.

Then in the 1800's and 1900's, scientists began looking at mathematical equations because they couldn't explain numerous theories of the laws of physics which were incomplete. They couldn't explain this fluid flow, or the impact that fields were having on each other, or the effects that two different objects would have on each other. They couldn’t explain exactly why there was a mysterious, invisible impact between things. It wasn't physical.

In the 1900's, researchers started measuring this energy field with electromagnetics and what they called ODIC fields. They discovered how to measure the polarity in things that weren't magnetic. An emission from a crystal, for example, would attract another crystal. That started a whole new train of thought in human evolution and human science about polarity and how it worked. More instruments were developed to measure energy, light waves, and other unseen particles. By 1911, the human energy field could be measured by radiation.

Then, Einstein developed the theory of relativity which, even today, we are still struggling to understand fully. Next came the Unified Field theory, and quantum physics. Over time, science found that energy and matter are interchangeable and all sorts of other details about how energy flows between us as people, our environment, the heavens, and the earth.

At the same time, psychology was starting to map the dynamic component of emotions. The human potential movement and spiritual leaders became part of the discussion of energy and how we could become more highly conscious people. Researchers in multiple disciplines were coming to the same idea; we are energetic beings and our energy impacts everyone around us.

Today our science, our high-level psychology, and our spiritual development have merged to a common understanding that energy is essential in everything we do and that, in fact, it's not a question of IF we are an energetic body. Today’s questions include:

·      How big is this energetic body?

·      Where do I live in it?

·      Do I even understand my own energy body and the impact and the power that has?

·      How can I use my energy powerfully?

A very simple way to think about energy, inclusive of all the scientific, spiritual, and psychological aspects, is to think about times when you have had a good sense about someone or a bad vibe from a situation. That's the energy we are talking about! Their Archetypal Blueprint™ types!

It's here. Energy exists. It's time that we start to understand how we use this energy intentionally in business and leadership settings. When we do, there are amazing gifts available when we can change our perspective and experience with this new paradigm, especially in the business world.

Have you ever thought about the “energy” of the universe and how you are a part of it? Can you see how an understanding of this energy can be incredibly useful in the world of business? Drop us a line and tell us what you think!