Energy and Archetypal Blueprint™ Types in the Workplace

Imagine that you are interviewing an external applicant for a leadership position. Their resume is impressive. They have the best degrees, experience, and career progression. They are well dressed, well groomed, and appropriately attentive to you and the environment. Yet, there is something you can’t quite put your finger on about this applicant. They seem incongruent in some way. You know in your gut that something doesn’t feel right, so you swiftly conclude the interview and move on to another candidate.

Successful business leaders have a finely tuned sense of instinct, intuition, or gut awareness of both people and situations. You can detect the type of energy that the person in front of you is giving off. This is called their Archetypal Blueprint™ type. Their Archetypal Blueprint™ type is what causes you to either trust, feel wary, or keep your guard up until you have further information about them. While you use your ability to read Archetypal Blueprint™ types instinctively, you may not be able to articulate how or why you do it. Let me explain.

People are made up of energy. It can be called by many names such as vitality, spirit, essence, soul, life force, Prana, or chi. This energy animates us. It can be scientifically measured and has been studied in the realms of religion and science for centuries. However, while this energy has been impacting the business world since the beginning of commerce, it has not been formally researched or taught until now. You’ve heard of the importance of spirit, happiness, and mindfulness in the workplace, but those topics are not explaining the core principle: You are an energetic body, and your energy has an impact.

Your Archetypal Blueprint™ type, your energy, your presence, impacts:

·      the way that you show up

·      the way you interact with customers, peers, and direct reports

·      the results you achieve

·      the way you accomplish things and

·      your level of influence

When you are in balance with the strengths of your personal Archetypal Blueprint™ type, you feel in the flow, creative, golden, and at the top of your game. When your energy is out of balance, you may feel less resourceful, dissatisfied, or that you’ve lost your sense of mission. Your Archetypal Blueprint™ type also encompasses subconscious elements like thoughts, feelings, feels, powers and gifts.

Each person on your leadership team and in your organization brings his or her own Archetypal Blueprint™ type to work each day. A typical staff meeting can become derailed by unbalanced energy in just one team member’s Archetypal Blueprint™ type.

If you want to move your team and your company to a higher level of performance or create breakthrough results, learning to understand and optimize your personal Archetypal Blueprint™ types will bring you both greater levels of personal satisfaction and better business outcomes such as:

·      Higher employee satisfaction in your direct reports

·      Faster sales cycles and more signed contracts

·      Stronger team cohesion leading to the optimization of both plans and processes

Have you ever felt that you can “read” someone’s energy? How has your own personal energy influenced you in the workplace? Let us know your thoughts!