CEO Testimonial: Mindful Ventures

When working with companies, we always want to bring our inspired brilliance and develop a perfectly tailored program just for them. With the company Mindful Ventures, we did just that! It’s CEO, Stuart Ruddick, hired LumiereWork to help his organization launch a new platform and a whole new business they were excited to bring to the public. He wanted us to bring it to life!

Stuart said that the process was extremely structured and linear, but also had room for extraordinary creativity and leeway for him to input specific areas that he was interested in. In working with other firms, they have had successes that were both valuable and fruitful, but he believes that LumiereWork took that to a whole new level. The key in business for Stuart is relationships. He told us that LumiereWork employs the exact kind of people that he wants to work with. From beginning to end, we worked tirelessly to deliver everything with professionalism, excitement, amazing creativity, and flawless execution.

Mindful Ventures had a bold and aggressive timeframe and crunch. And with our help, they were not only able to finish everything they expected in their timeframe, but we actually came in under budget without skimping on anything! We knew that they needed to meet their budget, have the project be delivered on time, and be executed in an extraordinary way. We are thrilled that he feels we absolutely exceeded his expectations! We always strive to over deliver and achieve more than is thought possible. Stuart was so happy with the results we delivered that he says he can’t wait to work with us again on their next launch. And we can’t wait to work with him again too!

One of the key goals for working with us at LumiereWork is to have every person involved in the process feel touched, impacted, and elevated by what we do together. We want you to feel like we are partners, rather than just being a hired contractor. I personally pride myself for having a style that blends professionalism with brilliant creativity. I want your experience with us to be something that lingers with your company for a long, long time.

Are you ready to change the game? If so, just drop us a line and we would be thrilled to hear from you. If you’d like to hear more about our project with Mindful Ventures, just click to hear their CEO tell you all about it!