How We Support Teams & Companies

One of the biggest questions we get asked by potential new clients is what makes LumiereWork so different? Why is it so special and unique? You might be thinking, would LumiereWork work in our culture? Every company is unique and there is always a need for adaptation, customization, and value alignment. Our methodology does just that. Our programs are designed to bring out your specific cultural needs and cultural brilliance.

It is incredibly just how important “trust” really is. It is absolutely one of our central core values. We want to establish trust with you right away because to allow unique and amazing things to happen in your organization, you need to know that everything we do is safe, reliable, and confidential.

You might be wondering if we can meet your deadlines and work within your budget? Absolutely! Over the years, there have been times where we have negotiated different timelines and moved milestones depending on your needs. We are flexible and attachable. In the last 25 years, we have NEVER gone over budget. Our hallmark is our reliability, our foundation is trust, and we will meet and respect the parameters and boundaries you work in.

You’ve very likely already built successful programs in the past that have brought out the best in your organization, your leaders, and your people. How can LumiereWork add to what you’ve already done? Our unique approach from 4 intelligences give us the ability to integrate our programs into what already exists in your organization. We want to collaborate with you, finding which areas are already working and which are a little weaker. We then work with you to design the best possible solutions. This collaboration and partnership is critical to bring out the best in all the assets that you already have and, through our work, elevate them to the next level.

When you are about to make an investment like this, you need results. You need to know that you are partnering with an organization that understands business strategy, business context, and market influences. By completely understanding the context of your business and what you are doing, we can help you get the support, resources, and clarity that will get you the results you need.

Please feel free to each out and give us a call with any other questions you might have! And check out this Youtube clip to hear me talk about all of this in person!

Kathleen Joy

Executive Coach/Ring Leader/Muse The Joy Resolution, Postmaster at The Universe Cares

LumiereWork is the business of inspired brilliance created by founder and CEO Kathleen Joy and her team leverage tested transformational arts and breakthrough methodologies to inspire bold new levels of personal and organizational brilliance to support leaders, teams and companies!