The Polarity of Archetypal Blueprint™ Types

When you are in balance with your Archetypal Blueprint™ type, you experience peak performance. Your work feels natural and comfortable. You lose track of time. You are accessing all the gifts and strengths associated with the energy of your Archetypal Blueprint™ types.

Being able to be in balance or congruent with your energy makes you mentally acute. You are more alert to your environment and to your feelings. You are connected to your vitality and your physical body. When your energy is physically in balance, it flows through your body and is metabolized in a very healthy way. There are no blocks. There are no shortages. There are no kinks in your energetic wiring, which can show up as pain, an upset stomach, or other health issues. Illness is a reflection of blocked energy.

People are constantly fluctuating between being in and out of balance energetically. Because we're living organisms, we are dynamic in our nature, always evolving, creating, and moving. But when you're out of balance, you're going to notice subtle things will be off. You might be a little spacey. You might be unable to connect with people. You might be overextending yourself. You might be over functioning in some way. You might be feeling removed and rigid.

When I first work with a leader, I usually can quickly spot his or her Archetypal Blueprint™ type because of the symptoms of imbalance showing up in health, relationships, and creative thinking. Once this imbalance is identified, we can start to work on it. If it can be unblocked, who knows what that leader might be able to accomplish? This is true from the CEO at the top to the intern in the mailroom. If you can find an energy balance within your Archetypal Blueprint™ types, the sky’s the limit!

Have you ever found that balance, even if it was by accident? What was it like? Give us your thoughts!

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Kathleen Joy

Executive Coach/Ring Leader/Muse The Joy Resolution, Postmaster at The Universe Cares

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