The ROI of Promoting Learning, Inspired Thinking, and Creativity

When running an organization, you want the best value for your money. That is why, when you hire a coach, you want to know they are working on traits that will have a measurable, positive impact on your company, workforce, or maybe even yourself. Although it can be easy to measure ROI in many areas (increase in sales, efficiencies, etc.), it can be a bit difficult to measure when it comes to the more abstract concepts of creativity and inspiration. But these traits are absolutely essential to the positive development of a company, for innovation, and for the future. If you have a workforce that looks for creative solutions, comes up with inspired answers, and will have the knowledge to do both, your company will prosper and your ROI will be sky-high.

The Benefits of Learning, Inspired Thinking, and Creativity

Being able to accumulate knowledge and apply it in creative ways is what you want in any employee. It is also a trait that you want to cultivate in yourself. The more you know, the more you can do. Coaching with a focus on these attributes can improve your workforce in ways that you may not immediately see. Instead of doing the obvious, creatively inspired individuals can come up with new ways of doing things that will show great returns for years to come. These benefits can be difficult to measure because these are traits that can improve performance across the board and can often be attributed to other causes. But all you need is one employee, manager, or CEO who comes up with an inspired idea to change everything for the better.

The Costs of Not Promoting Inspiration

There are some companies out there who don’t see the need to promote the creativity and inspiration of their employees. They certainly don’t think of them as negative attributes, but they feel like there are other, more important areas that coaching can focus on. As someone who has seen the power of inspired thinking, creativity, and learning, I can tell you that those companies are making a huge mistake. These are the traits that lead to innovation, improve workforce morale, and increase employee retention. Especially with today’s new generation of workers. They want to feel inspired, challenged, and they want the opportunity to grow. If denied these things, they can get bored, and nothing is worse than a bored and uninspired workforce. Coaching with the outcomes of increasing creative thought and inspired brilliance will make your employees shine.

How to Measure It

Here is where it gets a bit tricky. To measure the ROI of most coaching, you simply divide your coaching return by your coaching investment. These returns can include increase performance in individuals, groups, and your business overall. How do you factor and measure increased creativity into that? Well, you have to take a more long-term approach.

Specifically coaching for inspired thinking, learning, and creativity might not show immediate returns. You are unlikely to see an uptick in sales right away, for example. These are traits that you have to think of as a long-term investment. When you combine skill coaching that will show immediate returns with coaching that works on creativity and other abstract abilities, that is where the magic happens. You will have a well-trained workforce who are inspired to seek out new knowledge and come up with new ways to do things. They will have the abilities and skills to know what works, and the inspiration to improve them.

It can be tricky to measure ROI of creativity and inspiration, it’s true. But without developing these traits, all the skills training in the world won’t amount to anything more than superficial results for your business and for the future.

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