My Own Personal Journey to Self-Mastery

When the development of leaders through self-mastery became my passion, I realized that I needed to make some adjustments in my own life. It was time to expand my own leadership territory. After nearly a decade working with these various companies and individuals and finishing a master’s degree in organizational development and transformation, I needed a change.

Ready for a different pace and new adventure, I begin my own executive coaching practice in 1999. As happy as I was in my job at a consulting firm, I needed to fully step into life as an entrepreneur and executive coach. This new work not only allowed me to apply my expertise to specific leaders and teams, it helped me see in more detail the actual impact of leadership throughout an organization and see how a leader choose to develop over time. Fascinating and privileged work to do indeed.

It was when I was exploring both the sciences and the alternative healing arts that I started to explore my ‘consciousness’ and energy. Through this work, it suddenly hit me, the patterns I saw in business leaders had significant overlays with the patterns I saw in the human energy field. I had my Eureka moment.

Peak Performers know how to use their vitality.

You know what makes people rock stars in their fields? Their energy patterns. You are more than a composite of tissue, fluids, and bones. Your being is a composite of subtler body mechanics. The energetic body underlies and frames your intellectual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. This electro-chemical, magnetic, and vibrational field animates your body and connects you with the physical and meta-physical world. It’s the ultimate blueprint. And guess what? There are 5 key patterns, or as they are called here, algorithms, that run those vital forces within you. Cool huh? And you can learn about them. You can change them, you can improve them. And honestly, most importantly, you can enjoy them. The key to achieving all this is in mastering subtle body vitality as is the foundation of new thinking, skills, behaviors, and results. And to master vitality, you need to understand that…

It all starts with consciousness.

You are limited only by your level of awareness. This means that, if you want to enhance your leadership abilities, results, processes, relationships, or personal satisfaction and joy, you can do it. Awareness takes place in four domains: the mental/thinking domain, the emotional realm, the physical world, and the energetic sphere. Many leadership books and teachings cover the first three areas pretty well. What is new in the field of leadership development is working with the subtle body as the source of personal power. Few leaders have consciousness of the incredible resources available in the alignment of all four levels that brings about true breakthrough performance. That is why I created the 5 Algorithms. If you want to get better or different results from yourself and others, you need to change your consciousness.

I’ll be honest, my agenda is to be as healthy, happy, and whole as possible. I just really want to enjoy the expression of my life fully. And I can’t help but want to offer this journey to other leaders. I just think the world would be a more compassionate, embracing, and fun place if it were run by a bunch of healthy, happy, and whole leaders!

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Kathleen Joy

Executive Coach/Ring Leader/Muse The Joy Resolution, Postmaster at The Universe Cares

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