The Journey Towards Your Self-Mastery

Your leadership territory is indicated by the results you produce, the relationships you have, and your own level of satisfaction and well-being. Yet all these external indicators are just evidence of what you are generating internally.

If you want to improve or increase your leadership power, you need to work on who you are as a person. This means understanding how you think and being able to detach from it, paying attention to your emotions and understanding the data there within, caring for your physical well-being, and working with your own vitality. When I discovered this insight, it led me to the next phase of my professional life and one of the principles behind my work, the pursuit of self-mastery.

There is a tremendous amount of freedom and well-being that comes from the pursuit of self-mastery. Yet the coolest thing about this journey is that is not narcissism or self-indulgence, it is the sense of discovery, of becoming healthy and happy with who you are.

The healthier and happier the leader, the more everyone succeeds.

This journey of self-mastery compels one to discover and express their unique gifts, and in that process, most are compelled to give of themselves and be of service to others. In my position, I help leaders generate new awareness, gain understanding and perspective, and feel a sense of freedom to have more and better informed choices.

The road of self-mastery brings a depth of understanding and appreciation of yourself in a way that is liberating. You can find a better balance in your life and shift information and knowledge into real wisdom. I’ve seen leaders who have tried to be of service to others, or to a greater mission, without doing the work on themselves first. The outcomes are less than ideal. The leaders can suffer burnout, lose relationships, suffer stress and health issues, or hit stagnation and plateau. Leaders who don’t pursuit some degree of self-mastery can also be very destructive and manipulative, as even though they think they are in pursuit of a common goal or outcome; they can cause damage to relationships and even their own health without realizing it.

Have you ever been in a professional situation where you felt like you had a complete mastery of yourself? Do you want to find out how you can have that feeling all the time? If so, perhaps coaching is a path you want to go down. Feel free to contact us and we can discuss ways that we can expand your knowledge about yourself and get closer to the self-mastery that you’ve always wanted.

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