Thorns of Consciousness

Angeles Arrien, an author, teacher, and anthropologist specializing in cross-cultural wisdom, summarized 13 different challenges that humans experience in their lives. These 13 states constitute the major challenges we face when moving through the growth stages. Interestingly enough, 6 of these states have to do with our way of thinking and state of mind.

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The Power of Unconsciousness

What is unconsciousness? It is simply the state of non-awareness, of not knowing. In and of itself, it’s benign. It’s just a state of being.

Unconsciously, our bodies function in a timely, miraculous way. We breathe, our heart beats, our cells deliver needed information and goods and carry away waste. While our body does all of this without effort, our mind focuses on our survival by making sense of the incredible amount of sensory information around us. Harnessing unconsciousness is also a part of self-mastery. When we become incredibly competent at something, a new skill, habit, or way of thinking, it fades from our conscious mind into the quieter place of unconsciousness. We no longer need to focus our attention in order to activate it.

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