Our assessment tools are way beyond anything you have worked with because we start where others leave off.

Our Archetypal Blueprint™ types provide profound insights into more determinate factors of your team because we account for subconscious elements like thoughts, feelings, feels, powers and gifts. It a simple tool, yet very complex in its information outcome for the team. These “types” provide direct, actionable and insightful choices.

The 5 Archetypal Blueprint™ types Assessment. This is a simply elegant yet deeply integrated assessment. More than a personality, skills or styles measurement, this personal full-inventory assessment looks at the subtle yet determinate factors that are typically complex to access, yet are easily understandable. In knowing your types, you have new options, insights and abilities at your fingertips. Mastery with your types will bring you a higher performance and help you manage stress and achieve more peace of mind.

There are many ‘Ah-Ha’ moments during the assessment process when participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves. And the beauty of our assessment is that we make the  information is easily accessible. THIS IS WHERE MOST CONSULTANTS STOP with their work, but for us at LumiereWork, this is where we really begin to change the game. I’ve been certified in many lovely assessment tools but I’ve yet to see one that offers such direct, actionable and insightful choices for true outcome enhancement.

We all tend to lean on our strengths, forgetting that we have under utilized, dormant abilities innately within us.
— Kathleen Joy, founder