LumiereWork helps break teams out-of-the-box and find new inspiration to meet your established objectives. We partner with leadership to thoroughly determine your team’s core desire and map that to your strategic business objectives.

Every program we do is customized, but deeply rooted in our proprietary methodology and is designed to create a new level of brilliance for your team. Your organization will be left inspired and with an entirely new, profound skill set that will create a foundation for a different way of working together.



Case Study: A high-tech start-up company with 500 global employees poised to grow staff 25% annually with majority of new employee base working remotely.

Challenge: Concern was over losing the values and culture of the original company and there was a deep need to develop coherent leadership within the ranks.

Inspired Outcome: Development of mentoring, training and leadership activities based on the core brilliance of the organization and that placed values at the center.


Case Study: A financial institution needed to down-size executive leadership ranks and reorganize business functions due to market turbulence and changes.

Challenge: How to maintain high quality of service and responsiveness to clients while managing rumors, concerns, morale and fear amongst staff.

Inspired Outcome: Redefined and collectively accepted desires for the organization were created and then remaining leaders and managers were given critical skills for dealing with systemic change.


Case Study: Healthcare organization needed to adjust to federal, regional and local market regulation changes while taking on a  new CEO.

Challenge: How to fully assess existing political dynamics, consumer needs, employee talent and stakeholder demands while demonstrating  confidence, empathy and direction.

Inspired Outcome: Successful integration of CEO with an up-leveling of senior team based on collective needs; included revised strategies, roles and inspiring goals with new leadership practices.