Through time tested arts we support business leaders to get what they want and inspire new levels of fulfillment and performance!

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Le Baton de Lumiere

Individual executive and leadership coaching for those desiring increased power, presence and impact. Let us hand you, during 1:1 consults, the tools, insights and frameworks you need to best advance your teams, as well as your own career, satisfaction and results.

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L'equipe de Lumiere

Team/group facilitation and training designed to bring out the combined best. Based on the business and outcomes defined, we leverage a unique blend of the 4 Intelligences approach for  individual and collective learning. Focus, inspiration, practical actions and commitments are the results.

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Les Cercles de Lumiere {private}

For larger teams, departments and organizations we offer our customized learning event that integrates and focuses everyone’s unique talents under one big top. Les Cerles is a 4-ring multi-sensory, multi-intelligence, professional development experience. Perfect for motivating, inspiring and enabling large groups to accomplish what's needed in an engaging and playful manner.   A meaningful alternative to any typical off site or meeting, Used also to enrich corporate values and culture.


Le Cercles de Lumiere {public}

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Our annual public 4-ring event where small business, entrepreneurs, teams, coaches and other individual professionals can come to unlock brilliance in themselves and their work. Participants also make some great new connections and friendships along the way. Our next circus: Spring 2017


La Muse

Interactive presentations and inspirational keynote speeches by founder Kathi Joy and other leaders, designed to motivate and activate the audience into their own brand of brilliance!

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