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Once the team understands the behaviors, outcomes will change and every person is equipped with all the tools they need to make profound change happen.

This is where the game starts to change. In addition to the profundity of the assessment outcomes – which far surpass other behavior-based tools – LW has developed 4 key intelligences to be used in conjunction with an Archetypal Blueprint™ lens to create inspired brilliance. Types are only as good as the ability to use them and more importantly, manipulate them for better outcomes. By integrating these intelligences with the types, your team is honestly imminently equipped to achieve your company's core desires.

The Four Intelligences. This is where we turbo charge to enhance and leverage the types. What I’ve realized in working with thousands of professionals is that there are 4 categories of intelligence and we can have access to all of them, but few rarely use them. We are not taught in our typical education or work life to use all that we have. Systems often favor 1-2 intelligences over others just like people do. Your full potential and power lies in find the unique blend of all 4 of these that best compliment, leverage or smooth out your personal type patterns. We train people to apply these intelligences so they can apply practices that truly change their outcomes. The best news is that these are all highly transferable skills.