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At their core, leadership, teamwork, and organizational development are about bringing out the best in people. Over the course of working with thousands of professionals, I’ve seen programs that succeed, some that only have incremental value, and others that just plain failed. I was frustrated with these mixed or partial results. I needed to find a way to address people and organizations in a holistic and integrated manner. To create a method that would truly inspire sustainable brilliance in others and help them master their power, presence, and outcomes. Hence the birth of our company, LumiereWork.

Who am I?

 ∞  I am a Renaissance thinker, meaning that I believe, as humans, we have multiple intelligences and to fully tap into them, we need integrated, multi-disciplinary approaches to learn and flourish.

 ∞ I am a leader, and therefore believe that it’s critical that I optimize my own capabilities, mastery, and well-being in order to truly be of service and to lead others.

  ∞  I am a mother, and that means whatever work I am doing in the world needs to be done with loving authority, compassion, and thought of future generations.

  ∞  I am a creative, and as such I have practices in innovation, perspective, the arts, and healing practices.

  ∞ Most of all, I am in service of this mission to bringing out the inspired brilliance in leaders, teams, and organizations that wish to fulfill their wildest dreams.

My Backstory

Kathleen joy • FOunder • coach • ring leader • innovator

Kathleen joy • FOunder • coach • ring leader • innovator

∞ Consulted for senior leaders, teams, and divisions of Fortune 500, mid-sized, and start-up companies throughout the USA and Europe. My largest client is a $60 Billion organization, my smallest (but mighty!) is a $1 million venture.

∞ Worked in over 15 industries, including healthcare, finance, high tech, and biotech.

 Holds a MA in Organizational Development from The California Institute of Integral Studies, a BA in Public Relations from the University of Michigan, and Graduate-level work in Cross-Cultural Studies at the Université de Lyon II.

∞ Lived in France for seven years, attending school and working with an amazing British consulting firm.

∞ Worked for 7 years as a designer, producing leadership products used worldwide.

∞ Have 3 professional credentials: Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Certified Practitioner in The McKay Method of Energy Healing, and earned credentials from the International Coaching Federation in 1999, just as the coaching world was taking off.

  Started a social art project with teenagers in 2012 called Letters to the Universe, which has collected over 5000 notes to date. www.theuniversecares.or

∞ Dances at least 15 minutes every morning.

∞ Have been to Burning Man three times, always with an inspiring art project.

∞ Only needs a 6000-mile leg to have traveled once around the whole planet for pleasure.

  Lives in the San Francisco Bay area with 2 blooming daughters and a 50 pound ‘lap dog’ named Coco.

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There is no need to pretend you are alone anymore.
— Kathleen Joy from The Universe Cares Project