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I’m Kathleen Joy.

My calling is to help leaders shift their perspective, embrace their power, and become instruments of transformative change.

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What makes me qualified to help

My background is as diverse as it is accomplished. I’ve consulted for Fortune 500s, mid-sized companies with big ideas and fireball start-ups.


I’ve worked in 15 industries on two continents.


My MA is in Organizational Development; my BA in Public Relations. I’ve completed graduate-level work in Cross-Cultural Studies, am a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a Certified Practitioner in The McKay Method of Energy Healing.


I’m also credentialed by the International Coaching Federation which means I adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards. 


This melting pot of experiences matters. Each new step has taught me the power of exploring your own potential and the importance of guiding others to do the same.

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Would you like to hear more? 

Here’s what I know to be true

  • Leaders must be self-aware, deeply perceptive, bold and person-connected to deliver radical change. 

  • These skills are already within you, at your fingertips. It is enough to awaken this potential.

  • Pivotal experiences happen when learning is playful, provocative and practical. 

  • Coaching works best when it focuses less on striving for perfection and more on becoming your best self a version that you define. 

  • Our collaboration will have a powerful impact; client and coach working together with frank and courageous energy and a belief that total transformation is possible.

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Who am I?

As the founder and CEO ofLumiereWork™, I’m on a mission to ignite the joy and power of transformation in each and every leader and team. 


For over two decades, I’ve been pioneering growth through holistic intelligence – simply, bringing your whole self to the world. I believe that everyone has the resources and intelligences to get what they desire, but few know how to seize them. My unique methodology gives changemakers the tools to perform at their best, delivering benefits that are both transformative and sustainable.  


The LumiereWork™ experience brings together world-class consulting, personalized coaching, energy practices, and behavioral science to deliver change at scale – improving individual agility, impact and resilience. The results? Leaders who make an authentic difference, acting consciously and fully with great clarity and purpose, even in times of radical change. 

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