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Join us for a sumptuous evening where culinary mastery meets the essence of enlightenment, designed exclusively for those who lead with foresight and innovation. The Illumination Feast is
not just a dinner; it's an immersive journey that marries the joy of gastronomy with the profound outcomes of leadership growth.

As you indulge in exquisitely crafted dishes, each flavor is curated to not only delight the senses but also to foster "enlightenment" – empowering you with knowledge and insights that enrich your ability to guide and inspire.

Under the soft glow of camaraderie, "illuminate" your understanding, shedding light on intricate leadership challenges. Here, every conversation holds the potential to clarify the complex, revealing opportunities within obstacles.

And as the evening progresses, feel the collective energy "light up"; the room – igniting a shared passion for innovation and a contagious zeal for the path ahead.


The Illumination Feast promises to sustain not just the body, but the spirit of leadership itself.

Ready your senses for a night of fulfilling encounters and sustenance for the visionary within.

Igniting Insight:

Savor A New Leadership Experience 

Table Decoration in the Wedding Hall

As dusk settles

Embark on the Illumination Feast, a rare convergence of sensory indulgence and intellectual revelation designed to illuminate your personal quest and collective insights. As leaders in an era of constant uncertainty, this exclusive gathering offers a beacon, guiding you through the unknown with shared wisdom and a newfound lightness of being. Join us for an inspired evening where every bite, every note, and every conversation shines a light on the path forward, nurturing the brilliance within.

Join a select circle of forward-thinkers and collaborative minds in a sanctuary designed to expand leadership consciousness and embrace the full spectrum of human intelligence. More than a gathering, it's a transformative experience, paving the way for future leadership.

Chef Chris Fernandez

Chris Fernandez began his career as a chef over 25 years ago and made his mark in the Bay Area with a “purist” approach to cooking. Chris has cooked and held the ranks as Executive Chef at some of the Bay Area’s finest restaurants including, Oliveto, Stars Bar & Dining, and Poggio Trattoria just to name a few. 

The Illumination Feast

Reserve your spot at the forefront. 

January 18th, 2024


Enter a realm where the ordinary becomes magical, ripe with discovery.


Be enveloped in an audio symphony, each note and beam fine-tuned to resonate with
insight. Let this harmony guide you to unmatched clarity and heightened intuition.


Journey through emotional and physical landscapes, led by interactive experiences that
ignite your inner brilliance. This brilliance becomes a beacon, inspiring and energizing
those you lead.


Savor a culinary and intellectual banquet, each course crafted to tantalize the palate and
provoke thought. A Jeffersonian-style dialogue feeds the mind as well as the senses.

Kathleen Joy

Kathleen Joy is the founder and CEO of LumiereWork™, a world-class consulting and executive leadership coaching organization. Kathleen’s mission is to ignite the joy and power of transformation in leaders and teams.

For over two decades, Kathleen has pioneered growth through holistic intelligence – simply, bringing your whole self to the world. She believes that everyone has the resources and intelligences to get what they desire, but few know how to seize them. Her trademarked methodology gives leaders, visionaries and changemakers the tools to perform at their best, delivering benefits that are both transformative and sustainable.

Kathleen holds a MA in Organizational Development from The California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA from the University of Michigan. She completed courses in Cross-Cultural Studies at the Universite de Lyon II while working in France for several years. She is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and earned a 4-year certificate in The McKay Method of Energy Healing. She’s been an ICF member since 1997. She’s an advisor to a wellness startup, a member of Sacred Changemakers and a Summit Junto member.

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