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Hello Change Maker

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

How we perceive things affects our ability to think, choose and act. Perception impacts how we feel about the work, our colleagues and customers. There is power in releasing old assumptions. Opening our minds, hearts and intuition enables us to see things differently, creating a gateway to fully realize the business - its reality and potential. We at LumiereWork call this Transformative Perception and it forms the basis of our leadership consulting.

One way we transform perceptions is thorough something we call Immersive Experiences. Imagine walking into an interactive set designed to help you discover and learn or interacting with an art installation and gaining fresh insights. Nothing inspires or changes a mind faster than a tangible experience. Experiences create internal reflection; they help us examine our actions, thoughts, and emotions. These interactions shape our reality and influence how we respond to ourselves, others, and the world. Immersive in-person experiences are great for team-building, employee engagement (get them back into the buildings with joy!), and company culture enhancement.

For years, I've been using a multi-sensory, multi-intelligences approach in my work, creating interactive installations that inspire musings, intimacy, and compassion. Here is a sampling: Letters to the Universe was my first social art project which ran from 2013-2016. This inspirational project collected over 5,000 letters from sites such as the Special Olympics, Van’s Warped Tour, Berkeley Sparks Innovation Fest, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and Burningman. I even ran the project as a summer camp for teens to help them interact and connect with diverse publics.

Then, from 2017 - 2019, I created and piloted two installations for corporate use, the Power Dome (a strengths assessment experience) and Inspirta (for creativity and problem-solving). Burningman 2022 will be the launch of two additional experiences: Common Ground and Higher Ground. Common Ground is an interactive experience built over a period of one week. It is designed to demonstrate each participants unique attributes and highlight our collective intersectionality, revealing the strength possible in our diversity. Higher Ground exhibits the deep power of listening by facilitating a conversation with another individual, perhaps a perfect stranger. This Fall, I have been invited to New York City to display my newest immersive experience installation “On Foot”, a provocative inquiry into what empowers us. More details coming soon. Consider for yourself a way in which you can create a transformative moment. Talk to someone different and try to see things from their experience. Take a walk in a new or unknown area and photograph for yourself things that capture your attention. Hit a wall? Craft a six-word statement to capture your frustration or name the problem. There are a number of ways we can use Transformative Perception daily, we just need to first consider it a possibility. Have fun with it!

Next month in our "Back to School" newsletter we will introduce you to our new (and so fun!) website, give you newly "empty-nesters" a few tips and introduce you to our patented transformative methodology. Until then, have a fabulous end of summer!

Highest Regards, Kathleen Joy


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