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Investing in a Timeout

One truth that keeps showing up in my work with clients is that personal well-being is critical to being a successful leader.

Adapting to the hybrid world, integrating new practices and technologies, and navigating an economy in flux (to name a few challenges), all produce micro and macro stressors for ourselves and for those we manage. If you find yourself caught in a moment of upheaval, overwhelm, unpredictability or confusion, (aka, life these days), it’s time for a breakthrough, or you feel you are destined for something else, you need a timeout to regain confidence, power, and fulfillment.

Leadership retreats are an important way for leaders to invest in themselves and their growth. Taking a step back, reflecting, learning new skills, and gaining insight can help you stay focused, energized, and resilient. Ultimately the break from routine and time with peers enhance your ability to lead others effectively.

Some leaders are hesitant to step away from their daily responsibilities and focus on their personal and professional growth. Concerns could include spending time, money, or attention elsewhere, and not “doing the work”. But as Stephen Covey so aptly called out as one of the 7 important habits for leaders, one needs to ‘sharpen the saw’ to truly be of service.

What should you expect from a retreat? For one, recharge the battery! A change of scenery, stepping away from demands of your role and getting a fresh perspective can renew you. Another benefit is increased self-awareness. Taking time to reflect on your experiences, identify goals and desires, and practices can energize and refocus you. Connecting with others is a benefit retreats can offer you. Building relationships with peers who face similar challenges and opportunities can offer invaluable insight. Another outcome of taking time away is that you can gain new perspective that can enhance your focus and creativity, helping your problem-solving abilities too. And let’s not discount fun. Experiencing and having a lightness of being rises the tide for all who surround you.

If you are dealing with change, you need a flexible mindset and an appropriate amount of empathy to level-set your teams. If you want to lead with more heart, you need to be grounded in an authentic manner with where you are now in your life and career. If you need improved decision making, take a moment to clear your mind.

If you feel like you’d like to regain some confidence, power, perspective, and fulfillment, consider a retreat.Leaders face many challenges and demands in their professional and personal lives, and taking time for rest, reflection and retreats can be especially important for

Kathleen Joy, Founder & CEO of LumiereWork™

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