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Supercharge your impact

Expand your foundational learning with optional custom modules designed to promote a higher level of performance. 

Discover your whole self. Learn more about our intelligence programs.

  • Cognitive intelligence helps you lead with logic. It's the ability to think clearly, solve problems, and make rational decisions. 


  • Emotional intelligence helps you lead with synergy and service. It's the ability to read people, lead with compassion, and navigate relationships. 


  • Physical intelligence helps you lead with energy. It’s the coordination, strength and stamina needed to do your job well. 


  • Subtle intelligence helps you lead with inspiration. It's the sixth-sense intuition that allows you to imagine beyond the obvious and come up with transformational new ideas. 

We refine and magnify all four types of intelligence in our training programs. Because it is only through leveraging your whole self synergistically that you become adept at driving change from a complete and truthful point of view. 

Other ways we can help

Our programs don’t just nurture your brightest people; they build leaders who can change your future.

Learn more about our services then please get in touch.   

Extraordinary leadership starts with four interrelated intelligences

Do smart people make better leaders? While the answer is always ‘yes’, it depends on what we mean by smart. If our brain harbors extraordinary potential, it is only the tip of the iceberg of what our whole self has to offer. In today’s fast-moving world, teams and their leaders need to be cognitively, emotionally, physically and subtly intelligent to stay ahead of change. 


A fully customized facilitation for teams, diving deeper to consolidate learnings to support sustainable change.  

Interactive Experiences

Great for team and culture building, these fun, two-hour intense lived-experience modules lay down information in the brain via a vivid experience with lasting results. 

Physical kits 

Offer your participants our branded notebook, journal and learning aid to help reinforce learning and commitment to action.

Talks and keynote

Boost your team’s awareness with motivational keynotes packed with real-life insight and experiences. Book as many talks as you think would be useful; there is one dedicated to each module. 

Mastermind groups

These facilitated groups meet up before, during and after the workshops to enhance integration of the content, practice techniques and build networks. A powerful optimization strategy.

Away days

Our day-long facilitated offsites apply the Transformative Perception framework and tools to current business issues, elevating the creative and problem-solving skills of your teams. 

Bring these future-leading competencies in house. We can train your trainers and facilitators to deliver these workshops as your organization needs.

Train the Trainer

LumiereWork Programs 

Develop multiple intelligences to mastery

Our whole-person intelligence programs deliver holistic tools for change

“Kathleen is great to work with. She has made a significant contribution to the development of our management training programs and has conducted many individualized executive coaching sessions that have had a strong impact on our teams. I would highly recommend Kathleen.”

MIke Guerchon

Riverbed , Chief People Officer

"Kathleen's leadership immersive experience is completely unique and engaging. It's an incredibly crafted interactive piece that pulls you out of everyday life and drops you into a unique world that brings your curious and creative side front and center. As you explore and collect pieces that speak individually to you, the experience helps teach you more about yourself, those around you, and most importantly it gives you the opportunity to try out these personalized teachings and techniques right away in a fun and interactive environment. It's like if an escape room and a Disneyland ride combined to teach you how to be a better leader."

Stephen Albonico

Metaverse Technology Innovation Strategy Manager at Accenture

"In a safe, open environment, Kathi helps you dig deep into your core being to understand who you are today by focusing on your beliefs, thoughts and beliefs. Since I've worked with her, I have more energy than I've had in months and feel focused towards my personal goals in a very long time."

Diane Doolittle

Riverbed Technology

Module 1 Empowerment Amidst Chaos

Using a set of provocative questions designed to challenge and expand your worldview, we explore your capabilities in the four intelligences, learn the four necessary risks you must take to transform your perception, and develop a master framework for personal power, consciousness and resourcing.

Module 2 The Power Dome

What expands your power and perception? What limits it?  Based on our patented 4 Intelligences methodology, the Power Dome replaces conventional leadership assessment tools with an interactive workshop to help you navigate the multipliers and detractors of leadership performance and teamwork. 

Module 3 Inspirata

Cultivate the muse within you, your team and organization. Inspirata teaches the techniques needed to elevate your creative thinking, problem-solving and insight. This is a fun applied learning workshop using current business challenges as subjects for the exercises.

Module 4 Subtle Intelligence

Intuition and creativity are powerful forms of intelligence but our ‘inner’ voice is typically subtle, which is why we often miss it. The Subtle Intelligence module is designed to glow up your intuitive and creative awareness so you have access  to this critical tool for decision-making.

Discover the LumiereWork Programs

Our flagship program is your foundation in the art of leading successful change. Across four exciting workshops, you will explore what it means to be a multi-intelligent leader, learn how to elevate your power and insight, and develop the skills you need to navigate change with ease.

Executive Leadership Consulting

Create change-competent leaders who can drive transformation and make it stick 

Executive Coaching

Embed the vital leadership behaviors that drive performance to transform your organization at speed

Interactive Experience Offerings

Learn through vivid experiences to transform your leadership and teamwork

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