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If you score predominately “A”,

you prefer Cognitive Intelligence.

Cognitive intelligence is the ability to understand, learn, recall, think rationally and problem-solve. Cognition is a mental process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought. It’s how we think, our inner mental processes such as attention, perception, memory, action-planning, and language.

Cognitive intelligence may include methodical, mathematical, data driven, process-orientated, musical thinking, or critical thinking. Our brains consume about 20 percent of our physical energy so this explicit system to think through decisions burns a lot of calories. It can generate wonderful, breakthrough options and insights. It is also the intelligence that can present the most challenges to us. Because of the energy consumption this intelligence takes sometimes we opt to conserve this energy and leverage other intelligences.

To learn more about your 4 intelligences and how to leverage them to help you master change, get in touch.  We look forward to meeting you.

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