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If you score predominately “B”, you prefer Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize one’s own emotions and those of others. It’s the ability to discriminate between feelings, who they belong to, and label them appropriately. It is important for social interactions; it can include one’s ability to maintain mutually satisfying relationships and to establish trust with others. Leveraging this intelligence means you use emotional information to guide thinking, behavior and decision making.


Emotional intelligence holds interesting data and is an amazing internal feedback system that lets you know if you are congruent or if something is not yet aligned or resolved for you. The language of emotion is sensation based, it’s chemical and it can impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Feelings are generated in a different part of your brain than cognition and it requires a step to create recognition and understanding of what it is you are feeling.


Emotions can put a fire in your belly, ignite a dream, increase your resilience, fuel a useful defiance. If you stop yourself from ‘having emotions’, you stop the flow of energy within you. It will stagnate, create blocks within the body and disrupt your health. Finding productive ways to work with feelings is a useful life skill.

To learn more about your 4 intelligences and how to leverage them to help you master change, get in touch.  We look forward to meeting you.

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