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If you score predominately “C”, you prefer Physical or Somatic Intelligence

You exist within a highly intelligent organism called the human body. First and foremost, somatic, or physical intelligence is the ability to sense one’s body real-time and in a manner which leads to understanding and use of the body’s wisdom. Understanding what your body is trying to convey and then increasing your awareness of how to care for it and respond to it. Something as simple as you are about to eat something but then notice the smell is off and your body reacts by pulling away. That item maybe spoiled and could create issues if you proceed to eat it. Or it might be a deep fatigue that suddenly overtakes you, your body triggering a need to conserve and restore energy. Somatic intelligence is reflexive, instinctual, and subconscious.

Physical/somatic intelligence is important is because the more you practice listening to your body, the better you will get at responding with care and kindness for yourself. This intelligence is about being able to soothe yourself after times of stress, anger, fear, and sadness. It is also about learning to be resilient with whatever life throws at you. Somatic intelligence though can be observed and befriended, it can help raise your self-awareness and lead to healthy changes.

To learn more about your 4 intelligences and how to leverage them to help you master change, get in touch.  We look forward to meeting you.

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