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If you score predominately “D”, you prefer Subtle Intelligence

Subtle intelligence is a word I coined to describe the ability to sense subtle body and subtle energy fields. I sometimes think of it as being like peripheral vision, you can perceive it but not if you try to look at it directly. The word “intuition” or “energy” usually helps people orientate themselves to this intelligence. I picture subtle intelligences as a continuum of information that goes from picking up on barely perceptible physical data, like a gut reaction to something “no, that doesn’t feel right” or getting a vibe from someone “They seem honest” to psychic and metaphysical phenomenon (synchronicities, direct knowing, channeling, mediumship, working with energy systems such as the charkas, etc.)

Subtle intelligence is a different way of knowing and is buried deep within your brain, wired there to help you sense patterns and shifts in energy fields and surroundings for your survival.


Subtle intelligence uses its own language to speak with you, it comes in dreams, metaphors, “aha” moments, symbols, and archetypal patterns. This is an intelligence leveraged in states of flow and creativity. It is faster and more efficient with energy than some of the other intelligences. It takes attention, discernment, and acuteness to process subtle information, but you are already gifted the ability to access it, it’s built into you. The level of fluency you wish to have in this area is not unlike the attention or training you’d have to have to be good at any other intelligence.

To learn more about your 4 intelligences and how to leverage them to help you master change, get in touch.  We look forward to meeting you.

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